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While Microsoft Excel is running:

1. Go to Windows Start button on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen

2. Expand All Programs

3. Expand the Bloomberg folder - do not click on Bloomberg app icon (it will simply go to the Bloomberg program)

4. Select "Install Office Add-In" icon to install the Excel Add-in

5. Restart Microsoft Excel. While the programme is loading, you should be able to spot "BloombergUI" loading.

6. There will be a Bloomberg tab in the Excel ribbon if you have successfully installed the add-in.

7. If there is an error in installation, run Start > All Programs > Bloomberg > Bloomberg API Diagnostics > Start & Repair, and try to install the add-in again.

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  1. I tried installing office add in but was prompted that there is error in updating the profile. Please advise
    by YT on Jan 04, 2017.

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